Over 50’s Sessions

Designed to prioritise joint health, strength & movement. Also including some cardiovascular work to improve our heart health.


Brian Coleman

bcfitness123@gmail.com087 285 4347

I haven't exercised in years. Can I come?

Yes, that is the main goal of the class, to start from scratch and increase movement.

I'm pretty fit. Will this be too easy?

Although the main point of the class is to reintroduce exercise, there will be a lot of joint strength exercises to improve quality of life, which I can guarantee no matter how fit you are, will challenge you.

I have pains in knees/back/shoulder. Will I be able for this?

Yes! This class is perfect and will hopefully decrease those pains.

What does this class involve?

The main aim of this class is to increase quality of life as we get older. Increasing movement and strength is the goal. The class will involve stretching, joint strength, cardio and dynamic strength. Adjustable for all abilities.

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