Mum's & Bubs

Perfect for mothers with small children looking for exercise!


Brian Coleman

bcfitness123@gmail.com087 285 4347

What age can the baby/child be?

There is no real limit. It is up to you to supervise the bub during exercising. You will be in a gym with equipment, so obviously we don't want a child running around grabbing bits and pieces.

Can you pay as you go?


I've just had my baby, can I come? (Including C -section's)

Once you get the go ahead from the doc, you can come ahead. If you have had a c-section I advice a personal training session before a class.

What is involved in the session?

No matter when you join, you will be brought through basic movements according to your abilities. These will be aimed at increasing cardio, full body and core strength. That means bodyweight work to start with.

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