Cardio sessions, strength work, bodyweight strength, movement & conditioning. All designed in a way that you go at your pace and work to your level of experience.


Brian Coleman

bcfitness123@gmail.com087 285 4347

What is is?

With Covid19 restrictions, classes are currently covering a range of areas to get an overall benefit. Therefore, I cover some Functional Range Conditioning, strength work, Cardiovascular work & Core strength in each class.

Who are the classes for?

Everyone. Again, all exercises will be adjustable for the individual's ability. You will see up to 12 people in class performing the same exercises in different ways, possibly due to ability, injury, pregnancy, range of movement, fear, fitness.

How do I sign up?

Book via the legitfit website. If you are not signed up to that yet (free), send your email & name to 087 285 4347.

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