Does Meal Timing/Frequency Matter when it comes to Fat Loss?

Does Meal Timing/Frequency Matter when it  comes to Fat Loss?

Physiological effect-


Physiologically what the body needs to lose body fat is to stay in a calorie deficit for a period

of time.

For example- Let’s say 1500 calories is what you need to be in a calorie deficit.
 You work a 12 hour shift and don’t get to eat until 11pm- and you eat 1500calories in that
meal - it will be no more or less beneficial than if you have a day off and get to eat 5 x 300

calorie meals throughout the day!

Behavioural effect

YES (Maybe)!

Yes, for some people meal timing & frequency can cause a behavioural change which

makes it easier to adhere to a calorie deficit.

When some people restrict their window of opportunity to eat (intermittent fasting), they may
be more conscious of the amount of food, and the type of food they eat in that period. It can
be an easy ‘rule’ to stick by for some people, and therefore easier to adhere to it. 
For example- If you decide to skip breakfast and start eating from 1pm. MOST PEOPLE will
do that in order to set themselves up on a path to losing body-fat. Having this goal in your
head, may have you thinking, ‘I haven’t skipped breakfast just so I can make a pig of myself
at lunchtime, eat something healthy now for lunch.’ And there you go, the decision to eat
less or ”better” has created a calorie deficit and therefore has helped them lose fat. 
 Intermittent fasting, or any plan that may change the timing of food intake, or frequency of

food intake, isn’t magic, hence why it doesn’t work for everyone. 

If you are too hungry to adhere to that window, or finding that you’re lifestyle really isn’t
suited to this, then change the plan, as physiologically, it’s not making a difference.
For those that it works for, it has caused a change in their decisions/behaviours which

makes it easier for those to stay in a CALORIE DEFICIT. 

Eat your calories late at night, eat them first thing in the morning, eat them every 3 hours
throughout the day, it will all lead to the same result. Find the best way that YOU can stick to


Does Meal Timing/Frequency Matter when it comes to Fat Loss?

No, finding a method which helps you stay in a calorie deficit for a significant period
of time is what matters. Meal TIming / Frequency habits MAY or MAY NOT be included

in that method.

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