MNU Certified Nutritionist

Whether it be to improve your health, lose weight, gain muscle, increase your sports performance, nutrition is key. There are general guidelines out there, but they are ‘general’. If you want individual help that suits your lifestyle and preferences this is what you need. Brian will do everything he can to help you out.

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A nutrition tailored to your lifestyle & goals

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A personal nutrition specialist to guide you

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Feel and healthier and happier within 6 weeks


There are a lot of general plans out there, but those plans aren't tailored for you. Get the best results with a bespoke plans that's only for you.

What is it?

This is a meeting in which you discuss your needs, goals, obstacles, past experience, preferences and much more in order to come up to a plan to reach your goals. Brian is a fully qualified MNU Certified Nutritionist to give you the expert nutritional guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Who is it for?


How do I sign-up?

Contact Brian 087 285 4347 to get pre-consultation forms to be sent on and arrange a meeting.

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